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Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 28, 2011, 07:48:51 AM »

Friday - 4 mile, 4000+ elevation gain hike up a mountain
Bf - eggs and sausage
on the hike I splurged on two dried fruit and nut bars  - pure and raw revolution brand so no added crap.
after hike bbq - two beef patties and one hot dog - not the best option but all they had
dinner - 2 chicken thighs, 2 stalks celery
avocado pudding

Saturday - banana and almond butter, sausage and eggs
lunch - 3 meatballs, 2 chicken thighs
snack - pork rinds, avocado pudding, coconut almond butter ball
dinner - 3 fish fillets, steamed vegetables

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 28, 2011, 07:43:53 AM »
Celticcavegirl - thanks for the advice! I will look for those cuts of meat. I live in a small town but we are in the middle of ranching country - might not be too hard. I am saving the bacon I have now for my beef liver. :)

Warren Dew - thanks for the advice as well! I think I am eating tons - at least over two servings of meat at each sitting - I thought I was eating too much. I cook everything in ghee, coconut oil or olive oil.  And I do take a fish oil supplement and splurge on O3 eggs since I eat so many eggs.

I will keep on keeping on and see what happens...

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:31:39 AM »
Yesterday -

bf- egg frittatta
lunch - (cafeteria) - pulled pork, two hamburger patties, lettuce with cucumbers
snack - jerky
dinner - chicken pancake (chicken and eggs), leftover sausage and cabbage

Today - hiking up a mountain!

Diet and nutrition / Adjustment Phase? weird symptoms
« on: August 26, 2011, 04:15:35 AM »
Can someone please tell me again the adjustment phase times from experience/ research? I'm just trying to motivate myself. I have been on the diet a week now (strict - no more than one serving of fruit a day, no dried fruit, no nuts - my food diary is posted under journals if anyone cares to look.) So far I haven't lost any weight - I'm fine with that  - I'm not into losing a ton immediately. But my face has gotten puffy - especially under my eyes, I look like I've been drinking all night. Secondly - horrible constipation which is opposite to what everyone else seems to be experiencing. Third - I had to carry about 70 pounds of gear two blocks the other day and when I was done I had bruises (literally - huge red and purple bruises) on the arms that were in contact with the straps of my duffle. That wouldn't have happened a week ago. I also have not seen any increase in energy and my muscles seem to ache longer after workouts than previously.

Is there something I should be doing differently? Do I just need to hang on another week or so and see what happens? I have noticed some improvements - most importantly I do not crave carbs which is amazing. Should I cut out the eggs since I have known inflammation problems? I love eggs, they're so versatile.

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 25, 2011, 09:01:33 AM »

pre-workout - banana and almond butter
PT session - light with several push ups
after workout - egg frittatta
lunch - 2 salmon cakes, 2 meatballs, 1 cucumber
snack - beef jerky
dinner - cabbage and sausage, chocolate -avocado pudding

I had more energy yesterday - I didn't start dying till the evening. 

PT this morning was very rough circuits - I wish I had more endurance and stamina at this point. However, at the same time, I do not feel bogged down or heavy while exerting myself which I tended to feel pre-paleo. Still no weight loss. Mentally - a little foggy at times but I think reducing my overall calorie intake is helping a little. I was literally gorging myself before. Tomorrow marks one week and I will say that eating this way is super easy to prepare and execute which is a definite plus.

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 23, 2011, 06:54:07 PM »
Thank you Magnetic! I look forward to reading your diary! And I do intend on eating more organ meats - I used to love chicken livers as a child (we raised our own chickens and butchered them ourselves) so I'm going to try to find some livers that remind me of that childhood taste.

For today (trying to cut down on starchy carbs)
bf - eggs and bacon
lunch - zucchini pasta with hamburger and tomato sauce
snack - beef jerky
dinner - salmon cakes (salmon and egg) with large lettuce salad and english cucumber

Still low on energy - might be a combination of things including starting back to school with a very demanding schedule and getting up at 430 for PT. Just sticking with it - even though I am feeling kind of crappy (low carb flu), I am still not craving grains and those refined carbs which is a miracle for me. I don't even crave fruit. Amazing...

Diet and nutrition / Re: Bummed....sigh....
« on: August 23, 2011, 06:36:59 AM »
Have you had your thyroid checked? Sudden weight gain and inability to lose could be something metabolic along with the dietary changes others suggested.

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 23, 2011, 06:33:43 AM »
What are the benefits provided by vegetables that make them worth keeping in your diet, instead of replacing them with more meat and fat?

1. cost - I can't afford any more meat than I'm buying now. 2.variety - I think an all meat, all fat diet would get boring and therefore not sustainable in the long run. 3. Aren't there some vitamins and minerals that you can't get from meat? Folic acid for example?

All animal products was what I was suggesting (meat, fish, eggs, etc.). I average 443 mcg of folate a day, the recommended amount is 400 mcg. Liver, kidney, conch and fish roe all contain significant folate. Animal foods will supply everything, you just need to eat organs, a little fish and shellfish, and do not cook too much. I find it cheaper eating from the animal kingdom. Fruit, vegetable and dairy calories are far more expensive. What do you pay for a red pepper? For a bag of spinach? For an apple? How many calories do you get out of them? If you have looked at a fruitarian food budget you would understand. Grass-fed meat is relatively cheap, unless you are eating lots of steaks and expensive cuts. Organs tend to be the cheapest.

Magnetic - what you say is very interesting and does make sense. Its hard to break away from the traditional thinking. How long have you been eating like this? What benefits do you believe it provides you in comparison to having more carbs? Would you mind providing me with a snapshot of your daily diet? I'm very curious. :)

As for yesterday - first day of school -

bf - egg frittatta
Lame workout as we got all the new people caught up on formation drills
lunch - garden meatballs, zucchini pasta, tomato sauce
snack - beef jerky, carrots, pork rinds
dinner - meat marinated in olive oil and thyme, roasted root vegetables (beets, parsnips, carrot, yam) in coconut oil

Note - I felt horrible after supper and had kind of a crash. I don't know if it was the starch from the root vegetables or excess fat. I am going to cut down on the starchy vegs and see if that helps my energy. I did get a good workout in this morning and felt pretty strong.  I also think the pork rinds have to go. I like them because they're kind of like a normal comfort food and I like salt but they make me feel funny if I eat too many.

Another note - I haven't lost any weight at all (four days now), in fact I gained two pounds this morning. I am so far attributing it to that time of the month and not stressing over it yet.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Bummed....sigh....
« on: August 22, 2011, 01:33:45 PM »
Maybe you should give us an idea of what you eat? Then I bet the veterans here can give a little advice. :)

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 21, 2011, 08:13:48 PM »
What are the benefits provided by vegetables that make them worth keeping in your diet, instead of replacing them with more meat and fat?

1. cost - I can't afford any more meat than I'm buying now. 2.variety - I think an all meat, all fat diet would get boring and therefore not sustainable in the long run. 3. Aren't there some vitamins and minerals that you can't get from meat? Folic acid for example?

As for my tracking today - I was over at mom's most of the day so:
bf - sausage and eggs
lunch- little bit of sausage and veggie quiche and a couple garden meatballs (from everyday paleo) that I was preparing big batches of for the week.
dinner - 3 hamburgers, zucchini, tomato, cantaloupe
snack - carrots and raspberries from the garden and squash buttons (eggs and squash cooked in muffin tin), pork rinds

I grazed most of the day and took in more carbs than I would have liked in the form of fruit however I still consider it a successful day. Usually while I'm at mom's (I am there probably one day a weekend), I binge. There's ice cream and cookies and candybars - everything I don't keep in my house. That was pre-paleo though. I didn't even want that crap - no cravings whatsoever. And it wasn't just like a willpower battle all day long either - I didn't even think about it. I don't care if the research is wrong and I die in three years from a meat induced heart attack - that feeling of not wanting to binge is priceless.

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 20, 2011, 08:51:06 PM »
LDL was considered normal for 50 -130 (and high normal 139) for many years until about 10 years ago when it was changed to 0 to 99.  That change added an additional 36 million people who need to be on statin cholesterol lowering medication.

However having said that. If your TSH is slightly low your LDL will be slightly high.

Hmmm, I didn't know that. Thanks! :)

What I ate today:

Bf- sausage and eggs
lunch - chicken soup
snack - homemade beef jerky, pork rinds (are these paleo?)
dinner - hamburger, butternut squash with coconut milk and ghee, lettuce

My energy was good today but man I was irritable as hell - don't know if its a sugar crash or what. I love, however, that I am not thinking about food ALL DAY LONG. At least, not in the way I usually do - thinking about what I'm going to eat because I'm hungry and I never feel full. I feel full eating this way, moreover I feel satisfied. That doesn't happen very often.

I guess I'm confused as someone who has severe thyroid disease. Have you been diagnosed as hypo or hyper? What is your TSH? Are you on synthetic hormones? If your levels are correct for you, it shouldn't be affecting your metabolism that greatly. If you are on medication, you may need T3 supplementation in addition to T4 (Armour thyroid or Cytomel).

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 19, 2011, 08:40:04 PM »
What I ate today:

bf - 3 eggs, 1/2c spinach, 3 small nitrate free sausages
lunch - Chipotle (so yummy) - double carnita meat on lettuce with salsa and guac.
snack - salmon and carrots
dinner - homemade chicken soup
after dinner snack - pineapple with dessicated coconut

Probably shouldn't have had the pineapple but wanted something kind of sweet and since class and a new training regimen starts in three days, I don't want to slamdunk myself directly into very few carbs.  All in all, I had energy for the most part - a bit of a tummyache after lunch - don't know if my stomach is adjusting to all the fat? but otherwise was not hungry.

Food Journals / Re: Mountaingal's accountability thread
« on: August 19, 2011, 08:37:24 PM »
Magnetic, I couldn't imagine cutting out vegetables. There's definite logic behind the information you provided but I think vegetables provide so much other benefits its worth it. Not to mention I probably couldn't afford an entirely plant based diet. Oh yeah, and you are right - raw vegan is definitely not carb free or even low carb. What I meant to say was grain free. And thinking about it, even then I wasn't grain free because I was eating the occasional raw buckwheat granola and corn.

Kevin, I am trying to tweak my budget a little. I'm riding my bike more, I even considered moving back in with my parents to save a little money. I am on a one income student budget right now and daycare costs me a pretty penny - even with state assistance. In fact, my oldest is turning into a latch key kid because I can't afford for him to go to daycare.

Paleo Dude,
The numbers are all within range for the most part except my LDL (bad cholesterol) The normal range for LDL is 0-99. That in itself might not be troubling except paired with 180 (which is nearing borderline for high cholesterol) is troubling at my age - especially with my family genetics. Someone without my genetics might be more inclined to think my numbers are pretty safe. As for Vit D, I should be at least at 32 and probably much higher especially since I'm still nursing my toddler. And of course my TSH (which is my thyroid hormone) is barely in range because of the medicine I take. All in all not a terrible set of numbers but definitely room for improvement.

Recipes and meal photos / Re: Protein / energy bars
« on: August 19, 2011, 05:59:02 AM »
Any way you could give us the non metric equivalents for us backwards Americans(like how many cups of walnuts is that?) They look really yummy!

As for cocoa - its a little more processed. I would think carob or cacao would be more like what the northern South American indigenous tribes harvested off the trees and ground into powder. Of course, that's all supposition. I am not an anthropologist nor do I claim to be one. :)

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