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Progress Reports & Photos / weight gain :(
« on: June 30, 2011, 09:38:40 AM »
My progress has not been very good. I think I gave up half way because I wasn't seeing the results that I wanted to see after the 4th week and gave into a few unnecessary temptations. Just a little bite of this here and there really messed me up.. I think my body got used to the bad food intake and I was having cravings all over again.

This last week and a half:
I still ate as I did before, but added fruit (4 servings a week) and a little dairy (one serving a week of milk) then I started having cravings and had maybe 9 bites of carb a week. I started feeling bloated, felt my cravings coming on, and after weighing myself I've gained about 2-3 lbs.

So my question is...
If fruits trigger my cravings... I would need to cut it out completely correct?
And is it ok to assume that once you go paleo, any cheat in form of carbs will make you gain much faster and easier?

I'm starting up again on the stricter scale. Feeling very disappointed in myself.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Paleo Meal Plan
« on: June 23, 2011, 10:52:41 AM »
Wolf's idea of a food matrix (a kind of one from each column) is great and makes things easy. It's just a case of take some meat, cook it in a fat, add some veg, use some herbs or spices. You can get it here

(Yes this a copy paste of what I put in another thread)

thank you for this link!

Food Journals / Re: Ayami's new food journal
« on: June 22, 2011, 07:55:58 AM »
Yesterday I went to El Pollo and got their $1 chicken al carbon taco and had the inside of that... then I thought... I think I could make this at home? After work, I went to the grocery store and bought the ingredients that I saw in my lunch... chicken, onions, cilantro, lime, and decided to add bell pepper with jalapeno peppers.

I think it came out pretty tasty... I put it over some cabbage. A bit too spicy... need to tone it down on the peppers next time. :P

Exercises / Re: Is what I'm doing helping?
« on: June 21, 2011, 07:30:05 AM »
google and start on level 1 (modify pullups if needed).

Thanks but the problem is, I cannot do a single pull up. The push ups I can do it lady style.

my stomach is still upset after 2 days.... is there anything i can do to help it other than drink lots of water?

Paleo or not, I get deathly ill when I mix different kinds of adult beverages. If I start with wine, I stick with wine for the night. If I start with Scotch, I stick with Scotch for the night. But yes, since I started Paleo, I get buzzed easier and get nauseous from less alcohol than I used to, and like you, the cheap stuff, whether wine or liquor, wrecks me now where I used to tolerate it better before. I've cut alcohol back considerably since I started Paleo, a glass of two of red wine used to be a nightly thing for me. Now it's once every couple of weeks, if that. I've stopped the brandy, Scotch, and other liquor completely now. I think our bodies are trying to tell us something!?! I know one thing...I'm saving a ton of money since I rarely buy booze any more!

I'm making a huge prime rib tonight as it's the first Father's Day for me (my kids were born last Summer), and my wife's parents are coming over as well. So I have a nice Napa Cabernet set aside for tonight. Not Paleo by any stretch of the imagination, but everything else will be!

I really do not drink much either but it was for a special occasion. Chinese weddings you know!! I think I will stick with one type of drink if needed from now. I do love my dark liquor tho... can get $_$ I know!

Happy fathers day to you!!!!

Diet and nutrition / Re: Is any kfc chicken ok to eat?
« on: June 19, 2011, 02:17:21 PM »
KFC-anything is poison. Obviously the fried chicken varieties are not even close to Paleo. KFC sides are garbage too. Made as cheaply as possible with fillers, sugar, and salt. Here are the ingredients for their grilled chicken. You decide how far you want to deviate from your WOE on Sunday.

KFC Grilled Chicken is made of chicken, salt, sodium phosphate, MSG, maltodextrin, bleached wheat flower, partially hydrogenated soybean and cottonseed oil, spices, palm oil, natural flavor(?), garlic powder, soy sauce, chicken fat, chicken broth, autolyzed yeast, beef powder, rendered beef fat, extractives of tumeric, dehydrated carrot, onion powder, calcium silicate, silicon dioxide.

Oh yeah baby...that IS finger lickin' good!  ;)


i had my first alcohol experience this weekend after going paleo and it wasnt a nice one.

i am allergic to some types so I usually just stick with crown, hen, or patron... anything cheap I seem to react to.

friday i had a mixed drink with tequilla in it, then a mango martini, then some wine. by the time i was having wine, i had a horrid headache... went home and was super dizzy and did not feel good at all.

saturday i was at a wedding and had some wine, black label with a little coke, a little jack daniel with coke... and a little more of who knows what and suffered from a really bad headache and nausea... the nausea was not because I was drunk, it was an awful feeling.  I was vomiting but no liquor was coming out... just solid food that i had for lunch... = kale chips

So paleo + alcohol = headache and nausea?? my stomach is still upset today :(

Food Journals / Re: Zensenji's Paleolithic Journey
« on: June 17, 2011, 02:05:14 PM »
No, actually, I'm 5' 6.5'' and around 120-125 pounds. I'll post another progress picture of my abdomen sometime soon so you don't think I'm too skinny or something, my body looks quite healthy.

That SOUNDS underweight but I don't know much about this stuff. Are you planning on losing more or is it more for maintenance now? Btw I love your food photos!!

   Thank you very much for the compliment on the food photos (I enjoy reminiscing with them as well).

 As for whether or not I am going to lose more weight, well I most certainly am at my lean body weight.  As you can see from the chart below, I have hit my natural lean body weight for a couple of months now, and I am extremely comfortable with both my weight and my tremendous appetite!


In three days from today, I will have gone ONE ENTIRE YEAR without a single sip of beer or a single bite/piece of bread! In my perspective, that's quite an impressive achievement! It's been a long year, but certainly one of the healthiest of my life.

WOW one year with no bread or beer?? That is some willpower right there. Great job!! I need to work on being a little more strict. Old habits are so hard to break.

Food Journals / Re: Zensenji's Paleolithic Journey
« on: June 17, 2011, 12:23:30 PM »
No, actually, I'm 5' 6.5'' and around 120-125 pounds. I'll post another progress picture of my abdomen sometime soon so you don't think I'm too skinny or something, my body looks quite healthy.

That SOUNDS underweight but I don't know much about this stuff. Are you planning on losing more or is it more for maintenance now? Btw I love your food photos!!

Food Journals / Re: Zensenji's Paleolithic Journey
« on: June 17, 2011, 12:13:42 PM »
June 17, 2011
   Exercise Update:

       Well, I've been trying to get in at least three solid workouts per week...and so far I'm succeeding!

    My workouts consist of multiple two-part two-lap strength circuits (i.e. pull-ups to weighted crunches back to pull-ups back to weighted crunches as fast as possible). Then I take a short break and move on to other strength circuits (i.e. bench-press to dips, etc...).  I'm finally starting to put on some solid muscle! I end each workout with stretches that last for about 30 minutes and finish up with staircase sprints (10 stories/20 staircases each).

Last week, I bought some Vibram Five-Finger KomodoSport (Black/Silver/Grey). 

         (See Link:

 These shoes are absolutely amazing! My calves are moderately sore after staircase sprints and I feel as though running on the front part of my feet really strengthens my lower legs.

       It's about time that I put serious exercise and alignment in my health goals, and I'm thankful to have some good friends who enjoy working out with me (in my opinion, working out in groups is much more motivational and enjoyable). I am now looking bravely towards my new fitness goals.

      I can now bench-press over my body weight, and I am feeling and looking better than ever!

Is the chart in your signature correct? you are 5'8, 122 lbs??

Food Journals / Re: Ayami's new food journal
« on: June 17, 2011, 12:09:04 PM »
Something very strange...
I had grilled chicken and shrimp with veggies from a restaurant 2 days ago, felt fine afterwards.
Today I ate a bite of the chicken, thought it was SUPER salty... and had shrimp and a broccoli... now I am not feeling well. Headache and feeling funny... How is it that I'm feeling like this now but not when I had the meal 2 days ago? womp womp..

Progress Reports & Photos / Re: JayJay's Cave Scribbles
« on: June 17, 2011, 11:25:38 AM »
But was atkins effective for you? Did you lose while on it or was it more to maintain? You are strictly paleo with no cheats?? You have some will power! I still cannot get rid of the urge to eat frozen yogurt or snow ice once in a while. I need to do better.

The low carb diet (Sugar Busters to be precise, similar to Atkins) I was on did help in the beginning with weight loss, but I plateaued pretty quickly. I stuck with it because it was the only thing up to that point that made a dent in my cholesterol levels and ratio.

Part of the problem is that my Fibromyalgia got so bad the past few years that I've become more sedentary. I used to be a very active and fit person but the pain and fatigue of Fibro basically got so bad a few years ago that it kicked my legs out from under me and prohibited me from exercising very much. It all started with injuries every time I exercised and eventually exercise of any kind simply wiped me out. I had to choose between going to work or exercising because by the end of every day I was completely wiped out even if I only did one or the other. It's a terrible way to live and I suspect the lack of energy way down to the mitochondrial level is also the underlying reason for the other metabolic issues I have. Energy is everything and if your body can't make enough of it, everything eventually goes haywire. Unfortunately, I start every day with a energy deficit so I never get ahead of the curve. Fibromylagia is a mitochondrial disorder and its very complicated. I've battled it all my life, even as a child, but it wasn't until a few years ago that it finally took over my life.

Anyway, the whole onset of the Fibro thing made it impossible to really understand the effect of the diet I was on. Things are more stable now, but when my BP recently went haywire I decided to examine my diet again since the low carb diet provided some clues as to what I should and should not be eating. That lead me to Paleo and, so far, so good.

As far as cheats, I've mentioned them in other posts but its basically limited to coffee (black), bacon, a little olive oil, and an occasional small piece of 85% dark chocolate. That's it. As long as I consume enough good fat, I don't crave all the starches and sugars like I used to. I suspect that if you were able to eat more meat and more animal fat, it would be easier for you too although I understand your issues with that.

Everything you had/have sounds terrible :(  Were these diagnosed by specific tests? Or do they usually figure it out during a physical? I kind of have the same issues? Waking up with no energy and the only thing that helps me is coffee.

I am learning so much about health issues on this forum that I've never even heard about.

This is all pretty scary stuff and I am glad this new life style is helping. Hopefully things will get better and better!

Progress Reports & Photos / Re: JayJay's Cave Scribbles
« on: June 17, 2011, 10:03:07 AM »
WIth your knowledge, I thought you have been doing this much longer than 10 weeks! I am going to share your story with my coworkers who are much older but have blood pressure issues.


I had a head start since I had been on an "Atkins-like" low carb diet for many, many years before going Paleo. The transition from that to Paleo was more of a small step than a quantum leap like it is for most people. I had already been eating a lot of good meat and eggs, of the grains I did eat, they were strictly whole. I didn't eat any sugar at all. I was already eating a lot of vegetables but not much fruit. I was already eating some raw nuts. Giving up grains and artificial sweeteners was easy for me. It was giving up dairy, specifically butter and cheese, that I thought was going to be the hardest part for me. I am of Northern European descent after all. But surprisingly, I haven't had a single piece of cheese or an ounce of butter since I started. It's been easier than I thought.

When I read about Paleo a light went off since something about the low carb diet always seems a bit off to me. I was looking for something more like our ancestral diet than what I was on so Paleo was a natural progression for me.

Feel free to share my story with anyone. If it helps even one person with their BP, it'll be worth it.


But was atkins effective for you? Did you lose while on it or was it more to maintain? You are strictly paleo with no cheats?? You have some will power! I still cannot get rid of the urge to eat frozen yogurt or snow ice once in a while. I need to do better.

Exercises / Is what I'm doing helping?
« on: June 17, 2011, 09:10:07 AM »
Just a quick background.
Been on paleo for almost 5 weeks. lost 5 lbs
30 yrs old
My BMI is 25.3

I am pretty out of shape in a sense that I am always out of breath walking up stairs, cant do a single regular push up, forget about pull ups, and my max on a single dumbbell that I could do reps on without a problem is 5lbs. Never been athletic and never been very good at working out.

I started by walking around the block once... then eventually was able to walk for an hour. Later I followed the p90x for a few weeks until I noticed it was not working for me, and tried insanity for a few weeks which I liked. I could not finish one single session, but I tried as much as I could. After my surgery I was back at square one and started my walks on the treadmill since starting up paleo.

I recently started doing dumbbell exercises (with my 5lbs) with sit ups while watching tv if I am too tired for my treadmill. The next day I'll walk/light jog followed by some dumbbells and sit ups. I do sweat a lot but I am wondering if these "not so strenuous exercises" are a waste of time? I am thinking any exercise is better than none until I gain more strength and stamina...?

Once I feel better while exercising, I'd like to try Callanetics (thanks avelin) or Insanity again.

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