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Diet and nutrition / Re: What to drink?
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:45:45 AM »
For water, I would recommend maybe using citrus fruits to squeeze some flavor into your water if you have issues with drinking it. I know I can drink so  much more water when I have a cup with a straw! It's always easier with ice, too.

I've found multiple acceptable noodle "replacements", although you'll hear many people say it's not good to try and replace your favorite foods. While I agree it is dangerous to find replacements as it's easy to fall back into an old WOE, I also believe it helps to still eat familiar dishes when trying to change. (Even vegetarians eat fake meat...for better or worse...)

I use enoki mushrooms, spaghetti squash, and if you are able to shoestring veggies, any squash can sort of emulate the noodle structure. I've used lightly steamed and shredded/chopped cauliflower for rice as well. I love using these when making my own tomato sauce or stir fries.

Oh great advice! I'll have to look into spaghetti squash. I love squash so hopefully this will work out. And thanks for the squeezing the fruit advice! I love drinking from a straw but I really dont like drinking out of open containers at work. (Dirty particles in the air lol). I have no missed my rice yet but when I do, I want to try the cauliflower method. Thank you so much!

Miscellaneous / How long have you been doing Paleo?
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:41:49 AM »
How long have you been doing Paleo and why did you start?

What changes have you experienced?

Have you experienced any bad side effects?

Introductions / Hi I'm new and pretty clueless :)
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:37:57 AM »
I didn't even see this topic!

Hi I'm new and need all the help I can get.

For the last 30 years I've lived this non fat, low fat, diet, diet, life style and Paleo is a big change for me but I am ready to take a flying leap.

The biggest problem I am having is the fact that I eat out a lot. Lunch is not a problem because I have access to the salad bar and fajitas... but at night, we usually always go to a chinese or japanese restaurant.

I am working very hard on it though and tracking my food in my other blog.  :-*

Diet and nutrition / Re: Butters?
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:32:05 AM »
if you are cooking with bacon, do you still need butter? It seems to produce its own grease/oil... Should I be draining it and then add butter to cook the other ingredients?

Food Journals / Re: avelin's meals
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:30:43 AM »
I'm sorry - I have no idea what you are talking about

I saw that you include sardines to many of your meals and I was wondering if they are good for the Paleo diet. I wasnt sure since I'm new to the "program".

Food Journals / Re: Abbot's Food Journal with Photos
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:28:33 AM »
I had a question while cooking this morning... but everyone says to cook with butter, but when I was making my bacon with eggs, there was all kinds of oil and grease. Should I be draining that and then add the butter before cooking the eggs? Or cook the eggs in the bacon grease?

Diet and nutrition / Re: What to drink?
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:25:39 AM »
Hi and welcome!  I have to agree with jay here, you are not eating near enough!  That was the hardest hump for me to get over at first, but once i did, MAN did it make a difference! 

Forget the calories and grams, etc., etc...  Find real foods and eat till you're full.  I was killing myself on diets, starving at 1500 calories per day and wondering why I would fail.  On paleo I routinely eat well over 3k calories per day with the biggest % of those coming from fat.  Im dropping lbs and inches as fast as I can measure.  Im doing no fruit as well right now for the weight loss boost, once i dropped fruit my weight loss took off.

As far as how long to go with no fruit, I was wondering the same thing.  Maybe someone can jump in and enlighten.

My thing is.... I am not hungry at all throughout my day. If I am not suppose to count calories.. then what I am eating is ok as long as I am full? Just incorporate more fat?

Diet and nutrition / Re: What to drink?
« on: May 24, 2011, 07:24:39 AM »
Hello Ayami!

Congrats on going Paleo! I read your blog (very entertaining BTW) and I agree with others that you are not eating enough saturated fat but you are doing some other things wrong too.

First, I'm looking at the foods you eat and they are all very lean meals. I know it's hard to find fatty meats when you eat in Asian restaurants. You'll never find a big fat ribeye steak at any of the restaurants on Sawtelle! *LOL* I have a friend who owns one of the ramen houses inside the Mitsuwa in Gardena and he couldn't quite understand why I never came there to have lunch until one day I took him out to dinner at a steakhouse and showed him how I eat. No more questions!  ;D

Anyway, it looks like you need to find meals with more saturated fat, which will be almost impossible in any restaurant. You are going to have to make an extra effort to eat breakfast and dinner at home, where you can control what kind of and how much fat you eat, to offset what you are missing during lunch.

Next, don't be afraid of egg yolks. You don't get high serum cholesterol from dietary cholesterol. You get high cholesterol from eating too many carbs. Just buy good eggs and eat them whole (not just the whites). At the very least, buy Omega eggs. The best are pastured eggs but you won't find those in any stores in L.A. But you might find them in a Farmer's Market near you. I often buy mine at the Torrance Farmer's Market on Saturdays. Not sure if you are near Torrance but there are Farmers Markets all over the place in L.A. and I'm sure many of them have a pastured egg seller. You will also find grass fed beef and bison dealers at the Farmer's Market, and some of them sell tallow, which is made from healthy grass fed suet (kidney fat). Buy some of this and use it to fry your eggs, meats, and sauteing your veggies.

Also, you need to stop worrying about calories so much. Focus more on eating legal things you enjoy and filling yourself up. If you walk away from a meal still hungry, you will want to cheat later.

As far as your original question, I'm not sure what to recommend to drink. I drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea, some coffee, water, and coconut water. If you don't like coconut, there are now flavored coconut water varieties available. I've never had any of them because I like coconut but a lot of places (like Trader Joe's) carries Zico coconut water, which is available in many flavors like pineapple, mango, citrus, pomberry, passion fruit, etc. You might try one or more of these but avoid the chocolate flavored one since it contains sugar.

The "floaty hangover" feeling is normal. Mine was worse in the first few weeks on this diet. It gets better over time if you eat properly. Stick with it. Also, always keep in mind that some of the things you have to embrace when you eat Paleo is counter intuitive to what you have probably had drilled into your head by doctors, the FDA, nutritionists, and the media over the years. The egg, cholesterol, and saturated fat things mentioned above are three great examples.

FYI, glass noodles are made from mung bean and are mostly starch so you did good to avoid them. I love all sorts of Asian food and used to love dim sum at some of the places around L.A. but there is nothing there I can eat any more. Thankfully I can eat all the sashimi I want, which is my favorite (especially Toro). Yum!



Wow Jay! I feel like I can count on you for many of my questions since I feel you know where I am coming from (with the asian restaurants and all). I do now realize that I can no longer go to ramen places (you are speaking of the VERY YUMMY Santouka in Torrance?) and no more of my favorite dim sum... but you know what? My health and weight is worth the sacrifice. It is hard to eat japanese and chinese food from now on but maybe once in a while as a cheat?

You are correct in everything you said. I am still looking in the recipe forums for something that may fit what I like. I do not eat beef! And yes, the way I cook needs to change but I am not sure on what to do so these suggestions are helping me tremendously. Today I took everyones suggestion and made bacon with TWO WHOLE eggs hehe.... I have been buying free range or cage free eggs. Are they the same or should i be looking for something that specifically says pasturized?

Ok no more glass noodles for me (SAD). Anything else I should know regarding chinese food? lol. Any recommendations on what I can order when I am there? 

Food Journals / Re: Total newb but loving it already
« on: May 23, 2011, 03:45:13 PM »
Thank you Kyleen! It seems that I have a difficult time eating on the weekends because I eat so late to start off my day that my breakfast ends up being my lunch! While at work I am able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between. How do I work in more animal fat? I can add bacon to my eggs?

Bacon is good, but get uncured nitrate free if you can find it.

I'm working on the same thing, getting more animal fat in. Warren recommended that I fry my veggies in Tallow. Tallow is rendered from beef suet and was super easy (and a little messy) to do. Celtic Cave Girl has instructions in the recipe thread. I've switched from using nut or coconut oil to fry with to the tallow. It's very tasty too.

I'm on a hunt for pig fat so I can render lard. You can buy it, but it's processed and not nearly as good as if you make it yourself.

Honestly, if you work at getting more animal fat, then you won't have to worry about the cal's. I agree you should stop counting and work at getting more fat in. When I feel fatigued (and it happens due to MS more than anything else) I fry up some burger with onion and mushroom for meal or snack. Usually perks me up in about an hour.

Stick with the good advice of the established members here and you won't go wrong.  ;D

If my stomach has a hard time digesting beef, I wonder how it will feel with this Tallow? It should be ok since its not meat??

Eat fats - stop eating just egg whites and use fat to cook with. Eat meat and real food rather than snacking on nuts. Eat animal fats.

Your calories are too low - the absence of grains legumes and dairy will reshape you. Eat for your energy needs.

Stop counting calories. You are imposing artificial ideas onto your body's natural systems. Do you really think you will starve without knowing it? Let yourself develop a proper appetite. It's hard but necessary.

Forget overweight tables too - they don't take enough things into account. Start judging how you are on how you look and feel - not on tables. They are not useful.

The calorie count is really by habit and the fact that my food recording app on my phone tells me the calorie count every time lol. I guess I could stop adding it on my blog but it'll still be on my app to tell me I need to eat more. I am not trying to be calorie conscious, but now I found out I need to eat more, so I think some good came from it?

I have not felt hungry since starting Paleo, should I ditch the nuts so that I'm more hungry for dinner time?

thank you guys! this is helping me sooo much  :-*

Diet and nutrition / Re: What to drink?
« on: May 23, 2011, 03:38:43 PM »
I drink about half a gallon of water a day - the equivalent of eight 8 oz glasses.  I don't exercise that much; some people here drink more.  Water is the best drink.  Caloric drinks like fruit juices are generally not a good idea on paleo; they are basically sugar water.

That said, the skin issues are probably not due to lack of water.  They are probably due to insufficient saturated fat.  Most people here find that a significant saturated fat intake helps with the skin.

saturated fat? oh my... before going Paleo I would get flaky skin and if I wasnt careful, my migraines and nausea would start up. So I think they were all related to me not drinking water. (It was worse every time I went to Vegas.) I'll look into the saturated fat on the forum tho, thanks for the heads up!!

I drink A LOT of water. Usually keeping a glass of water with me all day, or a water bottle when working on the road. Water will become your best friend.

Sometimes I'll have tea as a treat. :-D
kayleen i hate water haha   :-[

Diet and nutrition / Re: What to drink?
« on: May 23, 2011, 03:35:58 PM »
The best thing I can recommend is to drink when you're thirsty. Don't be concerned by how how many oz it is. When I started this way of eating, I noticed I got VERY VERY thirsty! It's a bit of a shock to the system. It calms down over time so don't panic :)

Juice is acceptable but lacks the fibre of whole fruit. Smoothies are a step up but still not as good as regular fruit. Seeing as you're avoiding fruit, I'd recommend avoiding those.
A lot of people here still drink their coffee, so tea shouldn't be a problem. Just make sure it's black and without sugar, as you've said.

And although tea and coffee are diuretics (they make you urinate more!), the majority of what you are drinking IS water. It's very much a wives' tale that they dehydrate you.

But at the end of the day, you just can't beat good ol' fashioned WATER ;D

oh how i loved my smoothies!!!!
When do you think is a good time to reintroduce fruits into my diet? Or should I be fruitless forever?
I am happy, thank you for your help!!!

Diet and nutrition / What to drink?
« on: May 23, 2011, 02:38:21 PM »
Hi! I'm new to Paleo and this forum. I have noticed that my skin is more dry/flaky and I have been feeling very thirsty ever since I started Paleo. How many 8oz glasses of water do you drink a day? I am not much of a water drinker, I used to do 1-3 cups a day and increased it to 4, hoping to reach 8... and now I am drinking about 5 cups but still feeling dry and icky.

I have a half cup of black coffee in the morning and only water since I started Paleo. All the vitamin water that I had purchased in the past just sit in my fridge.... Other than coconut water that I've seen people post about, what else is a good alternative to increase my fluid intake? (I HATE COCONUT!) Watermelon juice?

I know tea is not good for a dehydrated body but can I still drink it without sugar?

**I'm not taking in any dairy or fruits right now.

Food Journals / Re: avelin's meals
« on: May 23, 2011, 02:18:34 PM »
are sardines the way to go? (newbie)  8)

Food Journals / Re: Total newb but loving it already
« on: May 23, 2011, 02:17:16 PM »
I would suggest that you forget the word "calorie".  If you can not forget it, then pretend it never existed.  If that does not work then destroy the word and never repeat it again.  In the Paleo world, we knew not of calories.  We only knew that slow fat animals were easier to catch and eat than skinny fast ones.....  ;D

Eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full.  Eat the good foods and don't eat the bad foods.  Eating more animal fat will keep you full of energy and less hungry.

Bearso, if I do not count calories, how will I make sure I'm eating enough??? lol. I am not purposely eating so little, I am always feeling full and don't know what else to do!


I just read through your log and you do have some challenges. I think you need more calories too. We don't tend to count them with Paleo, but being consistently under 1000, and a day there around 600? I think anyone would feel fatigued. Try to work more animal fat into your diet, it's better than trying to make them up with nuts.

We all share the journey together!

Thank you Kyleen! It seems that I have a difficult time eating on the weekends because I eat so late to start off my day that my breakfast ends up being my lunch! While at work I am able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks in between. How do I work in more animal fat? I can add bacon to my eggs?

Food Journals / Re: Total newb but loving it already
« on: May 23, 2011, 01:13:40 PM »
Thank you Shikra and Meadow for the welcome  :-*

Meadow about the calorie intake - I am having trouble with this one because I am such a picky eater. It is such a change because I grew up with my mom being a "health nut", everything being non fat, low fat, or no oil. I have read some of the information regarding paleo and egg, but I will work on that. (Just afraid! lol) I believe all of the calories I was consuming came from carbs and now that I don't have that, I'm basically eating what I was before but with more fat. I will try your suggestion on adding more butter though. I really do need to do more research on what I should be eating and their calorie counts.

I have been eating almonds when I get my cravings for anything and it has been working out great. With it being 8 cal per almond, I can eat a dozen at a time. (which I heard is bad?)

I am so happy to have found this place :)

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