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Progress Reports & Photos / Re: My tummy is too hard lol
« on: June 17, 2011, 08:44:59 AM »
So I was having one of those yukky woman's examinations and the woman checking me said that she was it was a bit hard because my abdominal muscles (well the lower ones lol) were in such good shape and so firm.

She was concerned that I might do lots of crunches because she said that these actually hurt a woman's pelvic floor muscles, or hinder control of them. It was soooo good to be able to tell her that no, I don't do that kind of stuff, as it's a waste of my time.

what a compliment!!! stop working so hard! lol jk jk

Progress Reports & Photos / Re: JayJay's Cave Scribbles
« on: June 17, 2011, 08:41:32 AM »
Just thought I'd scribble out some of my progress on the cave wall here.

I've been on Paleo for 10 weeks now. I'm a 47 y/o Caucasian male, 6'1" and I started at 270 lbs. I have chronic health issues such as chronic fatigue and chronic pain (aka Fibromyalgia), high cholesterol, and hypertension. I've already told the reason why I started Paleo in other threads but in a nutshell I started this diet to control my blood pressure after every medication known to man for treating hypertension failed me. Even the ones that worked, while they didn't work well, came with a host of side effects.

Eating Paleo has allowed me to eliminate almost all of my BP medication (my goal is to eliminate ALL of them eventually) and maintain a healthy BP. Yesterday I saw one of my doctors and, again, my BP was as good as it's ever been (123/83). But I also lost 26 lbs. in those 10 weeks! I've lost two sizes around my waist and I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear for at least four years.

I was having a migraine issue (also discussed in another thread) that seems to have resolved itself but I'm still having vision issues. Other than that, everything related to this way of eating is great. I had a full blood panel done the day before I started the diet and will have one done again in August. I suspect my cholesterol will be down at least some, but more importantly, my triglycerides should be way down. That leaves me to deal with my lifelong pain and fatigue issues, which are not getting better and never have no matter what I eat. But that is a discussion for another forum. For now I'm happy with the BP and weight loss, and will continue towards my target weight of 215 to 220.



WIth your knowledge, I thought you have been doing this much longer than 10 weeks! I am going to share your story with my coworkers who are much older but have blood pressure issues.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 17, 2011, 07:27:59 AM »
I have to correct myself here.  The genes that were added were a gene for antifreeze to allow the fish to grow faster during winter, plus a gene for growth hormone.

Also, I was wrong about approval status - it wasn't due for approval until later this year.  The House just voted to amend the agriculture bill to prohibit it from being approved, so hopefully it will never be approved.

Personally I would still stick with the wild stuff, though.

I've had a bad reaction after having salmon at chain restaurants and I've been very particular about ordering salmon. Maybe it was because of all the junk you listed above? I'm going to stick with wild salmon when I have enough funds lol. Thanks for sharing the link!

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:17:41 AM »
Yeah, I have a hard time with this too.

Ayami, any animal that is fed a lot of corn and other grain-based feeds will have meat (or eggs) that is low in Omega 3 relative to Omega 6. Unfortunately, that is almost all the easily obtainable meat in our area (Southern California for those who don't know). And since you eat out a lot, you have no idea what kind of meat you are eating part of the time.

I cannot afford all pastured meat, whether its poultry or beef (or eggs) but I supplement my grain-fed supermarket meat with some grass fed beef, bison, lamb, and chicken, certain kinds of fish, and some pastured eggs. Not as much as I'd like though simply because its unaffordable. Even lamb and mutton here are very expensive, probably because it is sold in such low volumes. I don't know, maybe it's affordable in places Glendale (where there is a large Armenian population) or other areas where there are a lot of middle-eastern folks, but I don't live near any of these communities.

Of course, your real challenge is compounded by your dislike for red meat. It will be even harder for you to achieve a more ideal O3 to O6 ratio without red meat in your diet. Even though I eat a lot of red meat, and try to eat at least some good O3 meats and eggs, I still have to supplement. It's the only supplement I take, a fish oil/vitamin D capsule twice a day. You will probably have to do something similar.


Thanks Jay, you did mention everything I was thinking after reading the previous replies. lol. How many mg of fish oil is a good amount a day to take in? I already take prenatal vitamins, vitamin D+E caps, and calcium + magnesium pills. I hate pills but with the lack of vitamins I take in, I need it, I know.

Yes, the good quality is very hard to find for me. The only place that I had any luck in was at the Whole Foods... and omg, talk about an arm and a leg!! So far I have the good eggs and bacon from TJ :)

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:12:47 AM »

farmed salmon (problem here is not the omega 3s so much as things like mercury, plus a growing fraction of farmed salmon is genetically modified not to really be salmon any more)

 :o what is it if it's no longer salmon?!?? *scared*


So, basically, Ayami, I think your combination of the 225mg omega 3 eggs plus pork, while not perfect, is probably fine.

After reading that... I am thinking... If I do eat out as much as I do and never really know what kind of protein I am taking in (most likely always commercial meats?) then I should be taking fish oils...

As I stated above tho... I am taking prenatal vitamins (not for a baby, but for my hair) and it says it contains 440 mg of fish oil. Does that seem like enough?

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:08:40 AM »
I worry that I could be doing myself more harm by 'half doing' it. If you know what I mean. So my balance is also way out in the omegas.

paleo even with non-pastured meats is still far better than SAD - don't worry!

Ayami and Selina - I too would recommend that you both take fish oil capsules :)

I am currently taking prenatal vitamins and it says it contains 440 mg of fish oil, is that enough or should I be taking extra?

Food Journals / Re: Ayami's new food journal
« on: June 16, 2011, 07:35:06 AM »
Have been bringing lunch to work this week!!!

But feeling bloated, probably because I had cheated with some carb this week. :(

I have been bringing left over salmon with a little greens and an egg.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 15, 2011, 07:23:56 AM »

how do you feel about lamb?  You could try lamb chops?  I have a great recipe for them, super yum!  They are a little pricey though.  I also have 2 very similar recipes for tunisian lamb, one using stewing lamb (cheap) and the other mince (cheap).  The spices mean the 'lamby' taste isn't quite as dominant.  (they do use nightshades though so not strict paleo)

You can also make lamb kebabs from ground lamb

I HATE lamb. :( I cook it often for my husband but I do not eat it. I will have to start adding red meat into my diet some how...

Food Journals / Re: Ayami's new food journal
« on: June 14, 2011, 02:59:53 PM »
Yesterday's meal

TWO slices of bacon and one egg. *oink
lunch, trader joes chicken salad that I ate maybe 25% of? Most of the chicken was finished.
Dinner, made salmon and ate 1/3 of it with kale. Olive oil with garlic, chili pepper, crushed pepper, foiled and put in the oven. I also had 2 of the ribs that I bought for my husband. (Cheaper than my salmon and I only bought one lol.)
Snack, kale chips

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 14, 2011, 02:54:15 PM »
I don't think its realistic at all to be counting your omega fat intakes.

Just use common sense, when you know you're eating a lot of omega6s make sure you do something to balance it out.

I dont really know what Omega 6 is... i'll have to research :T

it's a kind of polyunsatured fatty acid.  I wouldn't worry about the chemistry (unless you want me to go into science mode) but basically, paleolithic diets had an omega 3: omega 6 ratio of about 1:1, whereas modern diets are about 20:1.  Too much omega 6 is a Bad Thing for a variety of reasons, including appetite regulation, brain health, hearth and cardiovascular health, gut health and inflammation.

Things high in omega 6
- seed oils eg. sunflower, safflower, canola, rape, sesame
- nuts and nut oils
- soy
- other vegetable oils

Things high in omega 3
- oily fish
- seafood

Rough Omega 3/6 ratio for meats (worst to best)
commercial/battery poultry
commercial pork
commercial eggs
pastured poultry
pastured pork
pastured eggs
commercial beef and lamb
grassfed beef and lamb
= wild ruminants eg. deer, elk, bison, buffalo, goat
farmed oily fish
wild oily fish and seafoood (mussels, prawns etc.)

The omega 6/3 question is why vegetable oil is banned on paleo, why ruminant meat is favoured over poultry or pork, and grassfed over feed-lot.

All you have to do is
a) avoid vegetable oils.  Cook in tallow, lard, coconut oil or ghee
b) favour ruminants - beef, deer, elk, buffalo, bison, lamb, goat, mutton -  for your meat
c) get grass fed meat as much as possible
d) balance intake of omega 6 (e.g. non-pastured chicken, pork or eggs) with oily fish (which includes mackerel, sardines, kippers, salmon and trout).  Take fish oil if not possible.
e) limit nut consumption

Personally I have a slight obsession with omegas - I eat oily fish nearly every day, and take fish oil, and eat only pastured meat, and eat mainly ruminants!

Omega 3 ultimately comes from green plants or marine algae/phytoplankton.  This is why ruminants (herbivores which eat exclusively green grass) have a better O3/O6 ratio than omnivores like birds, which eat seeds, insects, grass and other plants

Amazing what you have stored in your pretty little head. OMG all the info...

Uhh.... uh!!!

I eat a lot of pork and eggs... I am still having a hard time with beef. I love bacon, love pork and ground turkey... What are your thoughts on ground turkey btw? I eat the eggs with 200+mg omega and I really don't eat much fish because the ones at the local markets are so expensive. :( I am ok because I can split my meals but I have to cook for my husband who will eat everything on his plate and mine (and still manages to lose weight..... !!!!!).

I guess i need to take fish oil as a precaution? I hate taking all these pills tho, am already taking 4 a day :(

Diet and nutrition / Re: Omega help
« on: June 14, 2011, 01:16:57 PM »
I don't think its realistic at all to be counting your omega fat intakes.

Just use common sense, when you know you're eating a lot of omega6s make sure you do something to balance it out.

I dont really know what Omega 6 is... i'll have to research :T

That looks really yummy! I will try it next time minus the smoked liquid (??) and I have all my meats well done lol. How do you usually cook your bok choy? That is bok choy isnt it?

Food Journals / Re: Ayami's new food journal
« on: June 14, 2011, 12:28:09 PM »
How about rice wine for cooking? Is that a no no too?

Anything distilled is not strict Paleo. But as I mentioned in this recipe I posted... long as you aren't actually consuming much of it, I don't think it's much of an issue for most people. For instance, I use vinegars and wines in my marinades. You generally need some kind of acid and these work well. I've used things like citrus juice too but vinegar or wine works better. Fortunately most of the marinade gets poured down the drain and not actually eaten.

What I don't do is consume vinegar like you would in, say, a salad dressing. That being said, I still have a glass or two of red wine every few weeks, which is not Paleo at all. But damned, there's nothing like a nice, rich, spicy Cabernet or Zin with a hunk of rare red meat!  ;D

You are right. I wont be drinking it straight lol. Oh how I love salmon!!! I was unable to look for the Von's sale that you brought up because the closest Von's to me was about 20 minute away. :( I did buy a yummy but $_$ alaskan salmon which I made yesterday with a little olive oil (bad right?), garlic, pepper and lemon. :)

Diet and nutrition / Omega help
« on: June 14, 2011, 12:23:46 PM »
I've been reading about the Omega this and that... and am wondering how important this is for me? I am not good at calculating, memorizing, keeping track of my food intake... so counting the Omega in foods, I probably won't be doing for a while.

What should I be watching out for? Anything I should be telling my doctor about?

Diet and nutrition / Re: Paleolithic diet explained poster
« on: June 14, 2011, 12:17:07 PM »
Love it! thanks for sharing!

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