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Diet and nutrition / Re: Is it Paleo? (flowchart)
« on: March 18, 2012, 07:47:48 PM »
Yeah, raw fermented honey has been a Paleo win for me, honey has been consumed by humans throughout our entire history and beyond, going back millions of years, and no hunter gatherer society that has access to honey has ever been found to pass it up.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Beef Jerky
« on: March 01, 2012, 04:07:51 AM »
I put the beef on the dehydrator racks and set them on the kitchen counter, open to the air, or with just one rack on top of another, and then turn the strips once or twice during the drying process, so the whole strips dry. It would be better if I had some sort of meat locker or drying rack or line to hang them from so I wouldn't have to turn them.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Is it Paleo? (flowchart)
« on: February 29, 2012, 09:47:06 PM »
The chart says, "Is it a sweet potato?" (if yes), "eat it, your muscles will dig it." Based on my personal experience, my muscles do not dig sweet potato, sorry (unless you consider aches and pains and lower extremity edema "digging" sweet potato). The problem with one-size-fits-all flowcharts is they don't fit everyone and none of them that I've seen so far fit me. What's missing from them is qualifier words like "might", "may be", "perhaps" and "YMMV".

Also, Karen Pendergrass, of Paleo Approved reported that a single sweet potato causes feet swelling for her:

Robb Wolf and Mat LaLonde on The Healthy Skeptic Podcast – Episode 8
April 26, 2011 in Podcasts | 60 comments
Starting at 1:10:18

Diet and nutrition / Re: Beef Jerky
« on: February 29, 2012, 09:09:04 PM »
The best beef jerky I've ever tasted, after much personal experimentation and purchasing of various commercial brands, was my own made from high quality top round steak left to air dry. Applying any heat at all reduces the tastiness of the jerky, I found. Air-dried is supreme. Those afraid of bacteria or parasites sacrifice taste, and they don't even know it, because they've never tried the tastiest method. To each their own, of course.

The little bit of fat that top round steak (instead of the leaner, eye-of-round) provides adds tastiness without adding so much fat that it makes jerky-making impossible. However, if maximum shelf life is the object, then the leaner eye-of-round steak makes sense.

If you insist on applying some heat, then Lex Rooker made the best jerky and pemmican guides I've come across (The $10 Jerky Maker,, The Pemmican Manual, He's also a super human being.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Trying to get bigger
« on: February 29, 2012, 08:53:58 PM »
man do I love milk .... white milk only.

@junkman: Your real question seems to be a search for justification for drinking "white milk." "White milk" vs. what, black milk, maybe choco-milk (sidebar: most chocolate milk doesn't even use real chocolate, BTW)? ;) If you're going to consume milk/dairy and you want to bulk up, then it seems to make sense to make it as easy to digest as possible, which appears to be raw fermented or aged dairy, preferably from the most digestible sources for you (in my case, raw aged sheep's cheese is the most easily digested and yummiest dairy product I've tried yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if there's some dairy food out there still more digestible for me). One of the most common mistakes that dairy consumers make is to not even try different varieties of dairy products to see what actually works best for them, nor to try going without for a month or so.

Diet and nutrition / How safe are "safe starches"?
« on: February 29, 2012, 08:51:18 PM »
...and are all potatoes equally "safe"?

My Potato Project; The Importance of "Organic"

Miscellaneous / Free Vitamix blender drawing
« on: January 30, 2012, 08:28:58 AM »
No purchase necessary and I'm not affiliated with the one putting on the drawing, Chris Kresser, so I don't think this constitutes advertising, but if it does, the moderators are free to delete it. Full disclosure: if 3 people enter the drawing via the link, I get entered in another drawing.

I don't normally enter this sort of thing, but Chris Kresser is an excellent Paleo blogger and the Vitamix seems like a good product.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Vote for Paleo diet
« on: June 24, 2011, 05:02:13 AM »
...I do wonder how much of that is because the paleo community is more internet centered.
Yes, I do think that plays a role and Internet polls are not scientific, but the vote was sufficiently lopsided to be interesting.

Diet and nutrition / Vote for Paleo diet
« on: June 23, 2011, 01:45:04 PM »
You can vote for the effectiveness of Paleo-type diets at a bogus US News article where they polled dingbat "experts" that rated it the worst of 20 diets (thus illustrating the "expert problem" that Nassim Taleb talks about):

I didn't see this posted anywhere, but if it was, I apologize for the duplicate post.

Empty-suit problem (or “expert problem”): Some professionals have no
differential abilities from the rest of the population, but for some reason,
and against their empirical records, are believed to be experts:
clinical psychologists, academic economists, risk “experts,” statisticians,
political analysts, financial “experts,” military analysts, CEOs,
et cetera. They dress up their expertise in beautiful language, jargon,
mathematics, and often wear expensive suits. --Nassim Taleb,

Diet and nutrition / Re: Acne
« on: May 05, 2011, 08:17:58 PM »
Possibly the zinc, as it is nauseating for most people on an empty stomach. Do you have a sensitive stomach?

Diet and nutrition / Re: Acne
« on: April 27, 2011, 04:40:02 AM »
...Cutting out gluten has always seemed soo fussy to me, that's kind of what attracted me to the paleo diet (its simplicity). ...
Gluten is the single most important thing to cut out of the modern diet, IMHO. Gluten is one of the few things that all experts agree is not Paleo and not biologically adapted to by humans. If you don't want to restrict a lot of things, Kurt Harris, MD suggests that the most important things to cut out are wheat, excess fructose (with refined sources like HFCS being especially bad; he recommends restricting fruits to small amounts, whereas Cordain and others are OK with eating plenty), and excess linoleic acid (heavily present in vegetable oils).

Diet and nutrition / Re: Acne
« on: April 26, 2011, 04:27:14 AM »
Beets and carrots are roots. I don't care for beets so that's the main reason I don't eat those, though Ray Audette forbids them on his version of a Paleo diet (but Cordain, Harris and most other Paleo diet experts allow them), probably because they are somewhat sugary. I eat carrots with no substantial problems. I seem to digest young organic parsnips better than carrots and I find them sweeter, less bitter than carrots, especially raw, and they do contain more starch, yet I don't get acne from them. Unlike tubers, the starch content of parsnips goes down with cooking, rather than up (according to Nutritiondata). Commercial parsnips are nowhere near as tasty as small organic parsnips.

Different people tend to handle different foods differently. :) I've noticed that the longer I've been on a Paleo diet, the less I need zinc and the less acne that carby foods give me, so I suspect that folks who don't get acne from carbs may have better zinc levels and perhaps healthier intestines that can absorb zinc better, but I'm speculating.

If I get a zit from eating too much carbs I take 50 mg zinc. One dose is usually enough. On days I don't eat liver or a lot of eggs or shellfish I take a small dose Dr. Ron's multi that contains 5 mg zinc, as my nutrient deficiencies are probably still present to a lesser extent. When I was eating lots of fruits and veg like Eaton, Cordain, Lindeberg and other Paleo diet experts recommend, I needed well over 100 mg of zinc a day (not recommended on a long term basis, but it was the only thing that worked for me at the time and with my health improvements I was thinking it would be temporary until I found the right customization of a Paleo diet that worked for me, which took longer than I expected, as so many people recommend lots of fruits and veg, which sent me in the wrong direction) to keep acne under control, but never fully eradicated. Eventually I will probably stop taking it as my deficiency symptoms continue to improve.

FYI: I see you're eating plenty of nightshades (tomatoes, zucchini and hot sauce). I used to eat plenty too, because Cordain and Audette both recommended them and I didn't suspect them highly. I was a little suspicious of them, though, because a number of folks on the Internet reported that their joint pain diminished when they cut out nightshades, but I didn't have noticeable joint pain, so I figured it probably didn't apply to me. Eventually I did try cutting them out and found I did better without them and soon after that Dr. Cordain started reporting findings of his research team that connect nightshades with autoimmune illnesses, so it's something to consider. They only seem to be a problem for some people. I've had a lifetime of gut problems, so that may be why they're a problem for me.

Exercises / Re: The Third World Squat
« on: April 25, 2011, 02:48:23 PM »
Yeah, the gramps in the image is doing a partial Western squat. The correct form for a full Asian squat includes the toes pointed outwards, as shown in the lighthearted video:!

Notes on the video: full squat sitting is not just Asian, it's also African and ancient European. It was not invented ca. 300 BCE in India--it predates the human race and is used by all primates, not just humans.

Diet and nutrition / Re: Acne
« on: April 24, 2011, 07:36:34 PM »
My triggers are too much of any kind of carbs: grains, cooked tubers, raw fruits, raw honey. I don't notice it from carrots or parsnips, but they contain less carbs and they're probably less easily digestible too.

When I get a breakout from too much carbs I take zinc.

Whoa, my stomach would have difficulty with cooked quinoa twice a day or fat that was fried and then nuked, so I'm not surprised that you are.

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