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Food Journals / Re: Lazy paleo eating
« on: April 27, 2012, 07:15:44 PM »
I just put all that into Fitday and realized that I did a crappy job today. All of my fat and protein came from cheese and peanuts...  31% of my calories came from carbs.... Not very good at all! I'll try harder tomorrow!

Food Journals / Lazy paleo eating
« on: April 27, 2012, 06:30:12 PM »
Hi everyone!

I've decided to start my own food log so that I can get publicly shamed if I eat something I shouldn't! I started eating better about a month ago after realizing that I am on track to gaining lots of weight. Also, I feed my dog a species-appropriate carnivorous diet and it just make sense to feed myself a species-appropriate diet as well. I am currently not overweight, but it would be nice to lose just a little more. Right now I'm 170cm and 63kg. I was 67kg just a month ago! I think I won't make a goal weight, but just let my body stop the weight loss when it decides.

I don't have any medical issues that I'm trying to resolve, but I would like to prevent any health issues in the future. Previously, my husband and I would eat fast food burgers/ sandwiches, pizza, bagels, cereal, and Chinese take-out daily (I hate cooking). We almost never ate any vegetables or fruit. I was also eating a lot of sweets daily. When I realized what we were eating, I got quite scared so that was a push to start a new lifestyle.

Anyways, now we eat a lazy-style Paleo diet (with dairy and we don't think about what ingredients go into sauces, etc). I'm quite certain that my husband has some sort of lactose intolerance, so we need to work on reducing/eliminating that. We have also cheated quite a bit with sweet alcoholic drinks, chips, etc (basically every weekend). I don't feel too guilty about it yet since it is such a huge improvement to what we ate before. However, I am ready to be even more healthy and cut that stuff out completely. One other big problem that I have is that I can always eat even though I may feel full. The nice thing about eating high fat is that I feel full to the point of feeling sick and then I stop eating. This is my biggest problem, but it is nice that Paleo seems to be able to control that issue with me. I also have the problem of wanting to snack 24/7. Not sure how to tackle that problem yet...

Anyways, today:

Breakfast: 2 cups coffee with milk

Lunch: a large plate of raw kelp noodles, raw mushrooms, pizza sauce (left over in the fridge), and shredded cheese all mixed together (was quite good actually!).

Snacks: ate a slice of uncooked bacon (not sure if that's dangerous to do) and a green apple. Also some peanuts (didn't know that they were a legume when I bought them, but will try to stay away now). And also a chunk of cheese.

Dinner: decided to try a smoothie- cup of carrots, one strawberry, and half a cup of kale blended in orange juice. It looked terrible, but was very good!

Miscellaneous info: I was bored today (end of the semester) so I decided to attempt to dehydrate apple slices and make apple chips out of them. They are still drying in the oven, so don't know how they turned out yet.

I have many more places for improvement, but I am hopeful!  ;D

Introductions / Re: Hello, new here!
« on: April 27, 2012, 04:45:04 PM »
Thanks! I'll see if I can start skipping cheat days. I'm also noticing that I started eating an apple a day. I feel like I should stop that as I am interested in some more weight loss...

Introductions / Re: Hello, new here!
« on: April 27, 2012, 02:31:41 PM »
It is ridiculous to preach a species-specific diet for my dog while we eat cereal and pizza daily!

Nail hit firmly on head....

I was the same with beer for a while then I found it disagreed with me - I would advise against cheat days.

Thanks! I should read some more as I'm sure this has been discussed many times, but why is a cheat day that bad? I'm just worried that if we flat out denied ourselves certain foods, I would crave them more? Thanks for your help!

Introductions / Hello, new here!
« on: April 27, 2012, 06:30:03 AM »
Hi guys,
I've been reading this forum a little and decided to join in order to learn more and keep improving my diet.

Me and my husband have recently (about a month ago) decided that we need to change our diet dramatically. We are both young, but we feel like we were getting more weight on and generally deteriorating in health. We were basically eating only sandwiches, pasta, pizza, Chinese take out, noodles, cereal, etc.

I have been feeding my dog a purely raw carnivorous diet for a year already and it made me wonder what the diet of a human should be composed of and I came across the Paleo diet. And it just makes sense to me. It is ridiculous to preach a species-specific diet for my dog while we eat cereal and pizza daily!

We have not yet been able to cut out dairy or beer, but we have not been eating any grains, sugar, etc. The only thing that we do, that as I understand is looked down upon, is that we take a day off once a week. However, I am noticing that we don't really get cravings much any more, so we have missed several days even without trying. I was worried that if we switched cold turkey, that we would give it up quickly, and I would like this change to be permanent. I have already lost 3-4 kg without any exercise!

Anyways, I'll start a food journal and I look forward to hearing criticisms!  :D

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