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Meta / Finding pastured meat
« on: June 17, 2012, 12:06:53 PM »
I am new to the site and I have spent several days going back and reading old posts to get a handle on what Paleo is, recipes, etc...

One thing that has stuck with me is how often people lament that pastured meat is not available or it is very expensive. (Thank goodness Texas is so meat-laden... ;)) I didn't see any mention of two USA sites that I found very helpful when I first began to question my food sources. and allows you to pick your state and it will give you a long list of local farms that sell pastured meat and local (sometimes raw) dairy, pastured eggs, and local produce. It won't let you specify by city though, so you have to read down the list to find the farms near you. Urbanharvest is more local farmers markets and produce and honey and soaps etc...

Via, I found a great raw dairy that sells grass-fed beef, raw cow and goat milk and other raw dairy products and pastured eggs. Most local farmers are happy to show you their animals, tell you how they do things and why.

I hope this is helpful to some of you who are having trouble in the USA finding grass-fed and pastured meat.


Miscellaneous / Re: Move to Houston Texas?
« on: June 17, 2012, 08:43:16 AM »
It gets pretty hot and humid. There are a number of local farms in the area that provide pastured eggs and pastured grass-finished meat. (Some good raw cow and goat milk which I am missing right now...) We have a Whole Foods. I like living here, but I like Austin better. And Dallas is a little cooler and less humid.

What kind of things do you like to do...Houston probably has it somewhere.


Food Journals / Re: Periwinkle's food journal
« on: June 16, 2012, 09:21:13 PM »
Saturday June 16 2012

2 pieces of organic uncured nitrate-free bacon
2 pastured eggs from a local farm fried in bacon grease
4 small strawberries.

2 bowels Chicken soup with half an avocado sliced into each one
Organic spinach and field greens with red and orange bell peppers. Dressing: EVOO cold pressed and unfiltered + organic apple cider vinegar +poppy seeds and celery seeds.
1 oz. organic raw pecans
Herbal Tea

Grass-fed hamburger 85/15
Roasted carrots and cabbage
Onions fried in coconut oil and beef fat
Handful of pecans and 3 strawberries

Hamburger with egg sunny side up and on top of burger. Egg cooked in coconut oil and some beef fat.

Food Journals / Periwinkle's food journal
« on: June 16, 2012, 09:18:02 PM »
A bit about me: I am 4 feet 9 inches. I weigh 174 and most of it is around the belly. My primary goal is better health and to avoid the diabetes that runs in my family. My secondary goal is weight loss.

Friday June 15 2012


2 pastured eggs from a local farm
2 pieces bacon (Oscar Meyer...all I had in the fridge)
3 strawberries/3 raspberries/3 blackberries

2 pieces of roasted chicken left over from last night

half a rotisserie chicken from La Madelaine (Learned after paying for it that they rub it in 80/20 olive/corn oil...hopefully the bad fat dripped off during cooking.)
Steamed broccoli
3 glasses of Iced Tea

1/2 shot espresso. (It was nasty without the milk, mocha and whipped cream...i guess I'll just give it up entirely)

3 strawberries/2 oz. organic raw pecans/handful of dry coconut


4 smallish shrimp skewered and with one piece of organic uncured and nitrate-free bacon and then fried in coconut oil. (Sadly did not taste much like coconut shrimp)
Half of a zucchini fried in left over bacon grease and coconut oil
1/2 cup homemade chicken soup (homemade broth from the roasted chicken last night, chicken, garlic, herbs, carrots, kale and sea salt.)

After dinner:
more soup
1 oz pecans
herbal tea with a dollop of local (but not raw) honey


Introductions / Hello from Periwinkle
« on: June 16, 2012, 08:53:46 PM »
Hi Everyone!

I'm a 39 year old elementary school RN in Texas. I have a 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. I have been researching nutrition lately and it has always been in the back of my mind that Paleo was something to consider. So today is day 2 for me and day 1 with no caffeine. My primary goal is health and my secondary goal is weight loss. I'll post my food journal for the last two days on the journal page.


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