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Diet and nutrition / Re: Better vegies help??
« on: August 02, 2012, 12:14:11 PM »
 Shredded carrots with raisins and an Omega 3 mayo (not much), I also very thinly slice some celery in there.
 Grilled asparagus. Beets, beet greens, green beans and turkey bacon (a little bit). Shred zucchini and carrots, mix with an egg, and fry with a little bit of the oil of choice. I imagine one can do that with sweet potatoes too.
 Basic vegetable stir-fry. Add chicken or beef and voila! A very nice and filling meal. This is one of my own favorite meals. Save some for the next day and have it reheated in a lettuce leaf taco.
 Stuffed cabbage rolls. Any veggie and or meat combination you want, wrap in the cabbage leaves, steam. 

 I am a diabetic, and if you go to the forums on the ADA website, you will learn that 'most' diabetics do not follow the recommendations. I found the carb suggestions far, far, too high. Ditto with many other diabetics.
 I was fortunate in that my internist is a diabetic and she, right off, said I will rapidly learn that. She suggested lower carbs.
 Since my introduction to Paleo at my DD's, every single one of my morning fasting glucose checks have been under 110. AKA "NORMAL". This does not mean I am cured, it means I am under control.

Introductions / Re: New
« on: August 02, 2012, 06:04:02 AM »
 Correct, the pink ribbon is breast cancer awareness. I am a survivor. My dh had colon cancer and is not a survivor. Thus 'this' tattoo. The tear indicates I lost him.

Introductions / New
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:59:35 PM »
 My name indicates my favorite item I no longer have. I spent 2 weeks with my DD in Seattle and she served 100% paleo, I lost 7 lbs! She, herself, lost 50# since Christmas on paleo. Now those are fantastic results. She rides a racing bicycle though, and I won't be that energetic. ;)

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