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Syd-Just Starting
« on: May 18, 2014, 09:17:55 PM »
I'm a 45 yr old man.
I normally try and take pretty good care of myself, however I have really let myself go over the last 18 months.

My weight doesn't fluctuate a great deal. I hold most of my weight in the belly area, and because I'm tall people generally can't tell.

Lately, I have really found myself feeling tired and run down, my favorite shorts (button up's) keep opening by themselves when I bend forward.

I had a hip issue for the last 18 months that wasn't that bad, and I could have modified my workouts, but I let it be my excuse to do nothing.

Start Day was this am.

6'4" and 216 pounds
41" waist

34" waist
195 lbs (not too worried about the weight; anywhere between 190-200 is fine by me, as long as my waist measurement goal is met.
* my main goal isn't in any numbers though; I just don't want to age like the rest of North America. I want to have a great quality of life as I get older, and be really active and fit.

The hardest part for me will likely be staying away from the beer, or other alcohol. I probably have 1-2 beers, three to four days a week. Esp if I'm out golfing, or on the weekend when it's hot out.
The other one would be my morning cup of coffee. Just going to make it bulletproof from here on out though.