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Dietary fat causes inverse effect on cholesterol


Warren Dew:
Article and, especially, video showing that total and LDL cholesterol levels vary inversely with the previous three day average dietary fat intake.

Hmm, interesting.  It is just a number.  One to keep mind of but not many ailments are worth throwing drugs down your throat immediately.  Like he says, all drugs have side-effects.

I always say sugar is worse than fat anyway to people in day to day life.  I mean, it's true.

The last time I had a 100% MEASURED lipid panel done a couple years ago, it confounded my doctors.

Total Cholesterol: 336
LDL-P: 3411 <--- No, not joking. It's almost to the point where they can't measure it.
LDL-C: 257
HDL-C: 67

But, my Triglycerides? Only 62

Before I went Paleo, my Trigs were well above 100 but my cholesterol total was only slightly lower (appx 325)

I also had a coronary calcium scan done around the same time as the lipid panel above. Scored a 0 (zero), which is as good as it gets. I'm in my 50s and have the arteries of a teenager. However, they cannot explain my outrageous cholesterol numbers, or my chronic hypertension, my chronic fatigue, or chronic pain. I'm absolutely convinced though that they are ALL connected somehow.

Warren Dew:
JayJay, how much vitamin C do you get?

Warren, I don't know but I historically consumed a lot of vC rich foods. No supplements though. I'm sure it goes up and down relative to the availability of fresh produce where I now live (Alaska) but I eat a lot of citrus, strawberries, and until recently kale, brussels sprouts, and other leafy greens. However, within the last year I've been on a potassium sparing diuretic and my potassium levels are at the upper limit so I've had to cut out a lot of foods high in potassium, such as leafy greens. The lipid history though was pretty consistent for many years prior to this potassium issue though.


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