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Modern hunter gatherers sleep less than 7 hours a night


Warren Dew:
While modern hunter gatherers may not accurately represent paleolithic humans, the fact that three widely separated groups all had the same sleep patterns, averaging 6.5 hours of sleep per night, suggests that this may be a natural amount of sleep.  They generally went to bed 3 hours after sunset and got up before dawn.  At least, that's what this study seems to have found.

Thanks for sharing Warren.  I am somewhat fascinated/obsessed with lights/sugar/etc. impact on us all in modernity.  Especially in these days of so much computer/iPad/phone screen time. 

I read a blurb today also on how lack of sleep helps fight off depression.  It gave me pause as we have a newborn - perhaps incentive to keep raising the young, need ones :)  Also, perhaps why many more folks are depressed today (among other reasons) -- unnatural, long sleep patterns?  (and overcaffeinated, etc.)

This popped up in my news feed this morning and after reading it I decided it was woefully inconclusive. The study was done on tribes in Tanzania and Namibia, Africa and in Bolivia, which are all near the equator. Logic tells me that the farther one gets from the equator, especially as the seasons change, natural sleep patterns will change as well. Still, it's probably accurate that deep sleep is more important than the amount of sleep. But I suspect there is much more to this story than the study suggests.

There are 5 stages of sleep and stages 3 and 4 are considered deep sleep the longer those stages occur the better your sleep should be because as the old adage goes, its not quantity, its quality that counts.

How much quality and quantity are we looking at here?

Is 6 hours of high quality sleep better than 4 hours of high quality and 4 hours of low quality? Should we aim for a certain amount of high quality unbroken sleep?

I'm currently trying biphasic sleeping, what do you think of it?

Take it or leave it, but I remember hearing Asprey say that 8 hour people are likely to have more inflammation and therefore need more rest. Therefore, if your diet is nailed down you would require less.


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