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Newly published Ancel Keys study


Warren Dew:
Hey, looky here!  Turns out our old friend Ancel Keys did a huge randomized controlled trial with a coworker on people in nursing homes and asylums trying to show that polyunsaturated fats would reduce heart attacks relative to saturated fats.  Then when the actual data showed there was no benefit - cholesterol was reduced, but as many or more people died - he never published the results.  But the truth got the last laugh, after he and a coworker died.

Oh look, it's the "shred of evidence" that George McGovern didn't have the "luxury of time" to wait for. And it was there all the time. Criminals.

That is criminal, will have literally caused deaths.

Not just deaths, but horrible quality of life issues for generations of Americans with chronic health issues. Criminals.


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